Romy Philippe, is Haitian American. Born in Haiti and raised in the United States. She attended Hillsborough Community College where she was introduced to a campus ministry, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. It was during her time in IVCF, Romy felt she really became a disciple of Christ. 
Romy received her Bachelor of Science at University South Florida.

Since 2009, Romy has been a part of the Tampa Underground community serving in Promesse de Dieu, a ministry serving the Haitian women in the Tampa Bay area. Romy has also served in local organizations in the Tampa Bay Area, such as Haitian Alliance and Haitian Association. One of her favorite community projects was the annual Heritage Festival. 

Romy, found one of her deepest passions by going through and then serving as a leader with Unveiled ministries. Unveiled, is an inner healing ministry that counsels women who have been abused. 

After the shocking and devastating 2010 earthquake that took place in Haiti. Romy was one of the main leaders that was apart of the launching of Ayiti Underground. AU is in joint efforts of empowering Haitian leaders to rebuild their community with the gospel, hope, strength and resources of Jesus Christ.  
In response to God's calling, on September 26, 2015, Romy and her closes friends Deborah and Raguel Joseph along with their one year old daughter Raquel Anacaona, moved to Bon Repos, Haiti. 

On March 16, 2017, Romy married her husband Jean Jorex Philippe. They are currently co-laboring along side each other as they lead and serve Wòch Vivan, MAyiti, HArmonie, Gedeon, and oversees the Light House, which is AU's community house in Haiti.