Deborah Joseph is a second generation Haitian woman, raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. She moved to Florida in 1996 for High School and has been living there since then. Deborah received her A.A at Hillsborough Community College while doing campus ministry with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. As Deborah matured in the Lord, she felt God strengthening her shepherding gifts. She received her certificate with the American Association of Christian Counselors at Light University. She has spent over 11 years working and receiving healing from her past relational and sexual wounds. Deborah has helped others in their journey as well; her main focus and deep passion has been in the area of those struggling with Same-Sex Attraction.

Deborah spent 4 years volunteering with Mama Africana, a ministry empowering young Black girls in the inner city of Tampa. She also helped pioneer Promesse de Dieu, which serves and reaches out to the Haitian women in Tampa and Haiti. After the 2010 tragic earthquake in Haiti, Deborah went to Haiti with 3 of her Haitian friends to serve and hear the Lord on the next steps in ministry. During their time there, they felt deeply to start Ayiti Underground, a Haitian led non-profit missional organization that exists to empower, mobilize, and resource the Haitian community to discover their passion, confront injustice and to attack it at its roots through Jesus Christ for the sake of His Kingdom in Haiti. 

Deborah is a full-time Haitian missionary and serves as the director of Ayiti Underground along side her fine Haitian prince, Raguel Joseph. They are raising their 3 year old Haitian princess, Raquel Anacaona. Deborah and Raguel are currently pregnant with their second daughter and will be due November 2017. 

Deborah is living in Bon Repos, Haiti with her family alongside the awesome Romy and Jorex Philippe, as they serve in AU full time. 

The AU team believes that it is Jesus and Haitians coming together in holistic ministries that will rebuild Haiti.